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February 20, 2020, 7:23 pm




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Original post: Okay, so here's what I know. Awhile back, /u/AgentNCC1701R posted something they'd learned on twitter: The Expanse incredible main title was composed by Clinton Shorter, with a vocal by Lisbeth Scott who wrote the lyric in Norwegian. It means: "In the light of morning the sun climbs upon the shoulder of the sky / I yearn for the tender darkness. " What a lovely translation, but I want the original so I can sing it in the shower! I tried tweeting at Lisbeth Scott, who wrote the vocal, but didn't hear back. Then I got a Norwegian colleague to listen to it, and he couldn't identify a single word even though he was looking at the translation. Norwegian speakers of The Expanse, is this Norwegian? Can you understand it? Speakers of other languages, can you identify it as your own? Is some kind of Sigur Rós Hopelandic thing going on? Here it is in gorgeous HD: Help me fellow geeks, you're my only hope and I am losing my mind. EDIT: /u/norskiie is a hero. Long live /u/norskiie! Also /u/cruate, who did our translation so we could post in the Norwegian subreddits. NP link to our post on r/Norway: link Our post to r/Norge: link And here is our best guess transcription, made with the help of many, many people: i det fjerne brenn et lys stiger opp sol frem og jeg treng inget lengte som går inn i mørket -- This last line is the one we feel least sure of. Før går inn i mørket? Som går inn i mørket? Sol går inn i mørket? As always, any contributions are hugely appreciated. We will solve this! :) FINAL UPDATE: We've got the official lyrics! Link to Lisbeth Scott's post. Note: I've replaced asoke with a søke and na more with nå mørke, I assume she was just using a standard English keyboard on Facebook, resulting in a couple typos. I de sa morgenen jeg stige a søke ja lyn tid jeg vet ha delt -- skulder dett be nå morke According to Lisbeth Scott, this translates to: in the so tender morning I / rise in search / yes it's light(ning) time I know I share / shouldering this I ask now for darkness The new translation is pretty different from the one we got originally, especially in that the sun isn't mentioned. It's interesting to note what we got wrong and what we got right. Notably, we heard stige(r) and mørke(t) correctly. Overall, we ended up more tied to real grammar (and real words? haha) than Scott and were probably thrown off a bit by her pronunciation of some vowels. I love the real version, and ours too! A final thank you to everyone who participated, this was so fun. <3



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